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PROMOTIC SCADA system - 25 years on the market
There are not many products that retain on the open market under the same brand for 25 years. This is even scarcer in the segment of industrial automation. PROMOTIC SCADA software belongs among these rarities and proudly builds on its history when it functioned on the MS-DOS platform and when the term "Windows" in the context of computer technology rang the bell only to a handful of IT devotees.
PROMOTIC SCADA system - 25 years on the market
How to start working with PROMOTIC SCADA system?
The PROMOTIC SCADA system is designed in order to be easily accessible to new users. You don't have to wait for anything - download the free PROMOTIC installation package and let the basic coursebook lead you to create your first SCADA application. It is that easy!
- How to start?
Call us now or Visit our web site at or visit our farm at Jalan Lekar.
The PROMOTIC SCADA system is now also available as FREEWARE, i.e. downloadable and functional free of charge. In the freeware mode, it is possible to use all communication drivers and interfaces, that are available in the commercial mode. The runtime of freeware applications is not limited. The only limitation of the freeware mode is the maximum size of applications up to 30 variables.
- Freeware PROMOTIC - As mentioned is free for typical test run with minimum variables. When your system grow bigger, you may get the licenses for running more variables to support bigger and more sophisticated and advance featured application. We have developed so M2M, P2P online realtime fish-farm app, aquaponics, hydroponics and environment monitoring.
The new versions of PROMOTIC SCADA system are available several times during each year. Contrary to many other SCADA systems, the upgrades to new versions of our system are available free of charge for all users. Download the latest version of the PROMOTIC SCADA system now!
The PROMOTIC SCADA system can be used for both small local projects and for extensive distributed systems. Among the most important users of the PROMOTIC system there are ČEZ a.s., Dalkia a.s., OHL ŽS, a.s., ORGREZ, a.s., BIOCEL, a.s., Brno public transportation company a.s., Semperflex Optimit s.r.o., The national bank of Slovakia, CUBEZON AQUA CONTROL, etc.
PROMOTIC - Application references
The PROMOTIC SCADA system offers multitude of communication possibilities. The built-in communication drivers, standardized interfaces, database connectors, web server – all these features give the users almost ulimited options of PROMOTIC system integration into their technologies and projects.
Together with the development and distribution of the PROMOTIC system we provide a wide spectrum of related services and complex solutions:
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